Hudson County, which is New Jersey’s most densely populated county with more than 700K people packed into 46 square miles, wants to partner with a firm to handle community outreach for its Vision Zero traffic safety plan, which is currently under development.

There is very high use demand for Hudson County’s 633 roadway miles, most of them in urban areas.

“When inadequate roadway design intersects with vulnerable human bodies, the results can be extremely harmful to individuals and communities,” notes the RFP.

There have been 266 fatal crashes on Hudson Co.’s roads from 2010 to 2021. More than half (52 percent) involved pedestrians or cyclists.

The selected partner will handle community outreach, partnerships and information campaigns so residents understand the experiences and challenges facing all road users.

Hudson Co. wants to “create a dialogue inclusive to different perspectives and insights that will inform decision-making” as it puts together its Vision Zero plan.

The communications partner will create visually compelling social media content in the form of public updates, meeting announcements, surveys, and the final Safety Action plan.

Responses are due Nov. 28.

They go to:

Hudson County, Purchasing Agent
567 Pavonia Ave., 3rd Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Read the RFP (PDF).