The University of Calgary, one of Canada’s top facilities, is seeking a strategic communications partner to bolster the profile of its Simpson Centre agricultural institute.

The goal of the Simpson Centre is "to mobilize research for better policymaking and decision-making to realize a more sustainable agricultural industry,” according to the RFP. 

Strengthening the sustainability of agri-food and agribusiness means increasing food production to feed a growing global population, while attending to social and health impacts and the natural environment.

The Simpson Centre wants a partner that is experienced in agricultural communications to develop an engagement plan to reach policymakers and the public.

The firm will create a plan to elevate the recognition of the team of experts at the Simpson Centre; increase its profile in traditional media, social media and Ag specific outlets including publications, magazines, blogs and newsletters; write press releases that spotlight achievements, experts, and impactful stories associated with the Simpson Centre; and organize outreach initiatives including events and social media activities.

The Simpson Centre wants to connect researchers, everyday people, industry stakeholders and government actors to scientific issues critical to the future of Canada’s agricultural and food system. 

It notes that in a digital information age, where the boundary between fact and science is blurred, it is looking to help foster collaborations based on information that can be trusted.

The Simpson Centre plans to issue an 18-month contract. Proposals are due Dec. 8 at the Merx bidding portal.

Read the RFP (PDF).