Ontario’s Maltby Centre, a non-profit dedicated to promoting child and young adult mental health, seeks a partner to design a marketing communications for its autism program.

The provincial Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, which has traditionally funded Maltby’s autism programming, is changing its funding model. It is shifting from bankrolling non-profits to putting money directly into the hands of clients/families.

While that decision empowers families, it puts pressure on non-profits to enter the commercial market.

To spearhead that push, Kingston-based Maltby wants a firm to help increase community awareness of its fee-for-service programming, expand reach by developing tailored messaging to targeted audiences, identify media opportunities, and bolster its organizational profile among professionals, families and the community at large.

The marketing effort must be culturally respectful, particularly of French language requirements, rural and indigenous communities, according to the RFP.

Responses are due Jan 8. They go to Kelsey Lemmon at [email protected]. 

Read the RFP (PDF).