The city of Tualatin, Oregon, is seeking proposals from agencies that can provide lobbying services.

The Washington County town, which is a suburb of Portland, counts a population of about 28,000.

Tualatin is looking for an agency that can advocate for the city on various policy priorities and funding by providing government affairs and lobbying services on a state and federal level.

Scope of the work includes providing and counseling on areas of political influence, government issues and municipal priorities (as well as grants and new funding at the state level); advising on the development of the city’s legislative agenda materials; identifying, pursuing and securing federal, state and local program funding; assisting in developing and sustaining long-term relationships with elected and appointed officials; coordinating and facilitating meetings between the city council and local legislative delegation throughout legislative sessions.

Proposals are due by 3:00 p.m. (PST) on March 20 and should be sent via email to [email protected] with the following subject line: “RFP 2024-03 Submission By [Name of Proposer].”

An optional pre-proposal meeting will be held virtually at 3:00 pm PST on February 28, 2024.

Questions should be directed to Richard Contreras, contracts and procurement analyst, at [email protected], by March 13.

Download the RFP (PDF).