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Torrenzano Group, The

Torrenzano Group, The

Helping organizations take control of how they are perceivedô.

570 Lexington Ave., 23rd flr., New York, NY 10022


[email protected]

Founded: 1995.

Agency Statement:

Who We Are
The Torrenzano Group is a reputation and high-stakes issues management firm specializing in building and protecting corporate reputations, helping clients grow their business and enhance brand and shareholder value.

What We Do
The Torrenzano Group helps organizations take control of how they are perceivedô.

How We Do It
Through carefully researched strategic plans and flawlessly executing programs, Torrenzano directly and materially support client objectives by deploying highly targeted approaches in three core areas:

--Reputation: Strategic & Brand Communications; Media Relations, Investor and Financial Communications; Executive Training & Development; Shifting B-to-B, to Human-to-Human Communications.

--High Stakes Issues: Crisis Counsel & Risk Response; Cyber Security & Breach Response; Mergers, Acquisitions & Transactions; Litigation Communications; CEO, Boards & Leadership; High Net Worth and High-Profile Individuals.

--Digital & Innovation: Advancing Human-to-Human Engagement; Enabling Disruption; Fueling Creativity; Optimizing Infrastructure; Driving Conversations & ROI.

Why We Are Different and Add Value
Torrenzano hands-on senior level business people work in a culture of critical thinking and focused results. We turn the big firm model of a few senior people at the top and a collection of juniors at the base, upside down.

Torrenzano's business model --- senior professionals directly and actively involved day-to-day --- produces immediate sustained impact and client results.

Richard Torrenzano, chief executive, [email protected]

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