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Indicate Media

Indicate Media

25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004


Focus areas: B2B technology and financial / professional services.

Employees: 7. Founded: 2011.

Agency Statement:


Simply put, “indicate” means to make known or draw attention to something. We love the word because it perfectly encapsulates the value we offer to our client partners.

Our mission is to craft communication campaigns that drive the growth of your business. We create compelling stories that reflect your unique purpose. Our team works to understand your business objectives and tailors our activities to ensure we achieve the results you want. From start to finish we take a data-driven approach, using insights from research to inform our strategy and measuring analytics along the way to track success.

Since 2011, Indicate Media has partnered closely with B2B technology and financial service firms to tell their stories. We are industry experts, having created and executed successful campaigns for companies in artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, educational technology, and drones, just to name a few. We are passionate about what we do, understand the inherent complexity at hand, and excel at thinking deeply and strategically about how best to position your business within the current market landscape.

What’s your story? Come talk to us. We’d love to show the world what’s amazing about you.

For more information visit

Todd Barrish, co-founder & pres.

Philadelphia Location: 1010 N Hancock St., Philadelphia, PA 19123

Clients Include:

Latent View Analytics
Movable Ink
Talara Capital

For a complete client list including case studies and a capabilities deck, go to:

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