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Lazar Partners

Lazar Partners

420 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10170



Employees: 24. Founded: 2001.

Agency Statement:

At Lazar Partners, we don’t just deliver your message - we catalyze the connections that drive business results and enhance your reputation. Our clients count on us to deliver proactive strategic recommendations as well as flawless execution. For the last 18 years, private and public companies have benefited from our proven approaches to strengthening relationships with healthcare professionals, patients, third-party organizations, the financial community, the media, and business partners. Our commitment to clients is to forge trusting connections that build brand equity, increase goodwill and grow shareholder value.

Yet even companies with great reputations sometimes find themselves facing challenging situations that can harm their brand and we stand with you to manage and overcome crisis situations.

Fern Lazar, founder & CEO

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