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Germinder + Associates/

Germinder + Associates/

6201 Brookside Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64113


[email protected]
Instagram: @germinderpr
Twitter: @germinderpr
Twitter: @goodnewsforpets
Instagram: @goodnewsforpets
Senior counsel, specialize in pet/vet niche. Over 125 programs, Silver Anvil Excellence "Pets Need Dental Care, Too" Etc. Public relations, digital content, marcom.

Employees: 1. Founded: 1998.

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Lea-Ann O'Hare Germinder

Looking for a savvy PR firm/digital content agency to tell your story? New York and Kansas City-based Germinder delivers. Guided by a trend spotter with over 25 years of contacts, strategic counsel expertise, digital content and media relations savvy, we've delivered award-winning results for global companies and entrepreneurs alike. For pet/vet we also offer Ready for a conversation? Contact Lea-Ann Germinder at [email protected], or 917-334-8682, or on Instagram @GerminderPR.

Lea-Ann Germinder, president & founder

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