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D & D PR

1115 Broadway, 12th flr., New York, NY 10010




Hospitality, travel, & lifestyle.

Employees: 6. Founded: 2012.

Agency Statement:

D&D PR principals Teresa Delaney & Nichole DiBenedetto

D&D PR principals Teresa Delaney and Nichole DiBenedetto celebrate at a media launch party.

Based in New York City, D&D PR specializes in luxury travel, hospitality and lifestyle and is led by principals – Nichole DiBenedetto and Teresa Delaney – who have more than 40 years of combined experience in lifestyle and hospitality marketing.

Passionate about telling our clients’ individual stories, the agency was born from a deep love of travel and personal curiosity of global exploration. From hotels and resorts to independent brands and destinations, each of our clients have a distinct tale to tell, inspiring us to be fervent storytellers. The D&D PR team gets a thrill from placing coverage in the most sought-after media and celebrating every success along with our clients. We take nothing for granted in the ever-changing world of travel and media. This is why we partner with our clients. We take the time to immerse ourselves in their world and to discover first-hand the unique experiences they offer, so we can communicate their message with authentic enthusiasm.

From print to broadcast, bloggers to social media influencers, no two client’s needs are alike, which is why each client receives a tailored approach to their programs. Supported by a strong team, the agency’s partners oversee client campaigns, helping to curate the important details and respond directly to individual needs. We choose our partners carefully, protect their brands vehemently and tell their stories passionately. This level of commitment is what continues to stoke our creative fire and drive D&D PR to push ourselves and our team to exceed expectations.

Teresa Delaney, Nichole DiBenedetto, partners

Clients Include:

Bankside Hotel, London
Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge
Cox & Kings
Discover Your Italy
El Portillo Residences
Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Resort
Los Altos Residences
Mint Hotels & Residences
Punta Rucia Lodge
Ray Caye Island Resort
Saba Tourist Bureau
The Bannister Hotel & Yacht Club

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