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Dragon Horse Ad Agency

Dragon Horse Ad Agency

Main Office: 848 1st Ave. North, #200, Naples, FL 34102

305/306-3992; 239/325-5088



Founded: 2015.

Agency Statement:

Dragon Horse Ad Agency was one of the first global ad agencies to identify the value and the necessity of an integrated business and marketing strategy delivering customized solutions to clients via its proprietary solution, DragonONE.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency specializes in all forms of Public Relations and Marketing providing customized end to end solutions.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency also offers an industry leading digital and social media artificial intelligence platform called DragonIQ bundled with a data analytics reporting product called DragonVISION.

DragonIQ's and DragonVISION's A.I. bundle is a precision optimization platform enabling companies and brands to drive tactical engagement, 24/7, around the world, with multiple campaigns running in unison across all platforms.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency is a leading, next generation, agency integrating the synergies of business and marketing analytics and strategy into one powerful solution called DragonONE. Dragon Horse Ad Agency is led by a highly experienced team of partners with over 60 years of combined professional experience in business and advertising.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency is your architect for a successful business marketing foundation, leverage the highly skilled professional team of Dragon Horse writers, creators, designers, technicians, internet/social media experts, camera and film professionals, tv/radio/print producers, media buyers, brand managers, analysts, business strategists and more all under one company.

Contact Dragon Horse Ad Agency today for a free, comprehensive business and marketing analysis. Dragon Horse, laying the foundation for the successful growth companies of tomorrow.

Soar to new heights on the back of Dragon Horse!

Julie Koester, founder/mng. partner/pres.; Patrick Blake Renda, founder/mng. partner/chief strategy officer

Downtown Naples
848 1st Ave. North, #200, Naples, FL 34102
305/306-3992; 239/325-5088

North Naples Office:
999 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., #200, Naples, FL 34108
305/306-3992; 239/325-5088

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