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Relevance International

Relevance International

151 W. 30th St., 9th flr., New York, NY 10001


Real estate, travel, hospitality, luxury goods, architecture & design.

Employees: 20. Founded: 2012.

Agency Statement:

Relevance International is a premier, woman-owned, full-service public relations, brand-building and digital media agency passionate about delivering strategic results and generating media waves through industry firsts and innovative campaigns. With offices in New York, London and Los Angeles, Relevance International is ideally positioned to help its growing client base reach audiences throughout the world. The agency leverages its sophisticated understanding of global markets and trends to drive custom media campaigns that successfully achieve its clients’ short-term and long-term business goals.

Relevance International’s industry-leading professionals have a wide range of experience in real estate, architecture, design, hospitality and luxury lifestyle. Relevance creates a customized strategy for each client in order to raise awareness across all brand touch points and to build and maintain relevance in today’s fast-paced digital world.

In 2020, Relevance International became a full-service agency offering a 360 Suite of digital, social and marketing services. Relevance International also launched The Purpose Method, an AI-based proprietary program which pairs brands with nonprofit and cause-based organizations best suited to their purpose-driven work.

Suzanne Rosnowski, CEO & Founder

750 N San Vincente Blvd., #800W, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Grenville Court, Britwell Rd., Burnham, Bucks SL1 8DF, U.K.
+44 (0) 20 3868 8700

Clients Include:

Concierge Auctions
Dezer Development
Essex Crossing
Fanny Haim & Associates
Fendi Casa’s Epic Marbella
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World/ Luxury Portfolio
Lori Morris Design
Special Flushing Waterfront District
Taconic Partners
Trimont Real Estate Advisors
World’s 50 Best Restaurants
Zachy’s Wine Auctions

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