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Farrow Communications

Farrow Communications

5888 Main St., #300, Buffalo, NY 14221



Healthcare, tech, authors, real estate, beauty & fashion, travel, professional svcs.

Employees: 3. Founded: 2013.

Agency Statement:

Farrow Communications is a full-service public relations and digital marketing agency founded by Dave Farrow, the 2x Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory. With social media blurring the lines between truth and trash, and complex issues being unfairly simplified, the need for a dependable branding concept has never been greater. After all, our mission is to elevate your story to a dependable and understandable concept that can truly resonate.

Dave Farrow, CEO

Clients Include:

A Better Place
All the Women in My Famly Sing
AVI Wear
Chris Naugle
Deborah Santana
Digest This Now
Dr. Judy Morgan
Dr. Liz Cruz
Dr. Rich Castellano
Dream a Better Dream
Eat This Mr. President
Glowstone Peak
Kurt Phelps
Let's Grow Leaders
Marcos Jacober
National Autism Academy
Penny Longo Foundation
Rosalie Morgan
Seth Greene
Staub Leadership
SuperSlow Zone
The Legacy Letters
Ulrich Kellerer, Leadership Consultant
Yin and Yan Nutrition for Dogs

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