Aqua Marketing & Communications, Inc.

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Aqua Marketing & Communications, Inc.

Aqua Marketing & Communications, Inc.

360 Central Ave. North, #420, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701


Strategic planning, media relations + training, community relations, campaign development, creative storytelling, press kit development, crisis communication, social media management, event development, promotions + partnerships.

Employees: 19. Founded: 2010.

Agency Statement:

Aqua is an internationally award-winning, full-service marketing communications firm specializing in travel, tourism, hospitality and economic development. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Aqua has offices in West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Naples. Powerful, provocative and proven; Aqua provides extraordinarily creative solutions for its customers and their brands. Aqua's philosophy and approach are virtually guaranteed to provide a solid return on your marketing investment.

Dave Di Maggio, pres.; Fran Vaccaro, VP, acct. svc.; Elliot Cohen, VP, campaign strategy; Brittany Chapman, PR dir.; Megan Brewster, PR A/E; Michelle Lenhart, PR A/E; Melissa Cederquist, PR mgr.; Amber Coldren, digital mktg. dir.; Krystina Lisi, digital strategist

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