Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)

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Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)

Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)

(The Fearey Group)

The Tower Building, 1809 7th Ave., #1212, Seattle, WA 98101


Agency Statement:

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) is a connected network of 50 hand-selected public relations firms servicing key markets around the world. With revenues of more than $87 million, PRGN is one of the world’s five largest international public relations networks. As leaders in our respective regions, PRGN agencies offer the “boots-on-the-ground” savvy of a local PR agency, yet on a global scale. Our model allows us to deliver a unique level of flexibility – scaling up or down across multiple markets to meet your business needs. Each PR agency knows its local community and it knows how to help clients connect with their audiences in those regions. PRGN member agencies harness the resources of more than 1,000 communications professionals serving a total of 1,800 international companies and organizations.

Please engage with PRGN on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, visit or contact Aaron Blank at +1 (206) 343-1543.

Aaron Blank, president
Robert Bauer, president-elect
Gabor Jelinek, executive dir.



LBS Communications Consulting Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)
Perspective Strategies (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Mileage Communications (New Delhi, India)
Mileage Communications (Singapore)
Integrate Communications (Tokyo, Japan)
Currie Communications Pty Ltd. (Victoria, Australia)


Evident P.R. (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
SCR SCP (Barcelona, Spain)
Cabinet Privé de Conseils, S.A. (Bern, Switzerland)
Athenora Consulting (Brussels, Belgium)
two cents (Brussels, Belgium)
Free Communication (Bucharest, Romania)
Goodwill Communications (Budapest, Hungary)
Scandinavian Communications (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Cullen Communications (Dublin, Ireland)
Cabinet Privé de Conseils, S.A. (Geneva, Switzerland)
Industrie-Contact AG (Hamburg, Germany)
Hasan Communications (Helsinki, Finland)
Global Press (Lisbon, Portugal)
Spider (London, UK)
Sound Public Relations (Milan, Italy)
CROS Public Relations & Public Affairs Company (Moscow, Russia)
WE Agency (Paris, France)
Coast Communications (Stockholm, Sweden)
accelent communications (Vienna, Austria)
Adverum Communications (Vilnius, Lithuania)
OneMulti (Warsaw, Poland)
cometis AG (Wiesbaden, Germany)


HWB Communications (Cape Town, South Africa)
Aristo Communications (Istanbul, Turkey)


Another Company (Bogotá, Colombia)
IDENTIA / PR (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Another Company (Mexico City, Mexico)
Another Company (Panamá, Panama)
RumboCierto Comunicaciones (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
SMARTPR (São Paulo, Brazil)


Media Profile Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)


The Castle Group (Atlanta, Georgia)
The Castle Group (Boston, Massachusetts)
L.C. Williams & Associates (Chicago, Illinois)
Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
Three Box Strategic Communications (Dallas, Texas)
Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. (Detroit, Michigan)
The Hoyt Organization, Inc. (Los Angeles, California)
The Conroy Martinez Group (Miami, Florida)
Evans Larson (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Reed Public Relations (Nashville, Tennessee)
The Equity Group Inc. (New York, New York)
Southard Communications (New York, New York)
Buchanan Public Relations (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
HMA Public Relations (Phoenix, Arizona)
S&A Communications (Raleigh Durham, North Carolina)
Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) (San Francisco, California)
The Fearey Group (Seattle, Washington)
Xenophon Strategies, Inc. (Washington, D.C.)

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