Valerie Allen Public Relations

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Valerie Allen Public Relations

15300 Ventura Blvd., #503, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Boutique agency located in Los Angeles specializing in media relations and digital for radio/TV hosts, music, authors, experts, events and crisis PR.

Employees: 6. Founded: 2002.

Valerie Allen, CEO/chief media strategist; Dana Lewis, acct. dir.; Harriet Duncan, acct. mgr./music publicist; Deeana Betsamo, publicist; Armine Galstan, publicity asst.

Clients Include:

A Better Life Recovery
AGENT Modeling App
Alex Sparrow, Actor/Musician
Alison Triessl, Legal Analyst Access Hollywood
Amiyah Scott, Actress
Audrey Hope
Curb Records
Dina LaPolt, Music Attorney
Dr. Demetri
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Radio/TV
Dr. Elliott Hirsch, Plastic Surgery
Dr. Lisa Strohman
Dr. Venus Nicolino, TV Host
Families With Children from China, Southern California
Griffin Gluck, Actor
Kati Morton, YouTuber/Author
Kimberly Lou, Author
Regenix Hair Care
The Missing Peace Center
Wakunaga of America

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