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1101 30th St., NW, #500, Washington, DC 20007


Energy, environment and LGBTQ communications, public affairs.

Employees: 1. Founded: 2015.

Agency Statement:

We are a boutique strategic communications firm based in Washington, D.C. We work with alliance, association, coalition, company, foundation and NGO leaders on a variety of issues, but we focus on energy, environmental and LGBTQ communications. We help our clients build, create, grow and nurture their organizations by addressing their energy, environmental and LGBTQ communications challenges. Our team includes five independent PR professionals and eleven independent partner firms across the country.

Ben Finzel, pres.
Team of five independent PR professionals who work with us on client projects includes: Lowen Baumgarten, Jayne Brady, Darren Goode, Steve Kauffman and Annette Larkin.

Clients Include:

Carbon Capture Coalition
CEO Climate Dialogue

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