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Segal Communications

Segal Communications

423 Washington St., San Francisco, CA 94111


sar[email protected]

Segal Communications specializes in consumer & technology products. We are differentiated by our knowledge of affiliate marketing and SEO related to PR.

Employees: 10. Founded: 2018.

Agency Statement:

Segal Communications is a full-service public relations & marketing communications agency specializing in securing earned coverage that maximizes search rankings. We support brands seeking to create and distribute content and news to drive backlinks, increase domain authority, drive engagement, and amplify awareness through strategic media and influencer marketing. From multinational corporations to disruptive startups, consumer technology, and lifestyle brands, the Segal team has vast experience working with clients whose needs and desires span the professional gamut.

Sarah Segal, partner & founder

Clients Include:

Haymax Hotels
Johnny Doughnuts
Shane Co.

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