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Approach is a national agency that provides integrated communication strategies including media relations, thought leadership, influencer, digital amplification and more that align audience action with business goals.
Areas of Focus
•Media Relations: From strategy through execution, we provide story angles and engage targeted media to maintain a positive, consistent and credible voice for brands.
•Influencer Relations: We customize an influencer strategy that fits your brand through research and influencer identification, and we manage the process every step of the way.
•Thought Leadership: We create a plan that puts a face to your company, drives human connections with your brand and positions your executives as go-to sources for industry expertise.
•Digital Amplification: Our seasoned social and digital consultants will develop and deliver a strategy to engage your customers and stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape.
•Focus Area: Approach works with challenger brands with delightfully high expectations across B2B, B2C and not-for-profit sectors. We have deep experience in professional services, CPG, food and beverage, multi-location businesses, real estate and pet.

Employees: 52. Founded: 2010.

Agency Statement:

Megan M. Shroy

Megan M. Shroy

Approach is an integrated communications firm with savvy strategists who specialize in meaningful connection. What does that mean? Meaningful Connection is the art and science of equipping your audience with the context they need to choose you. Approach's senior level team is personally invested in reaching your goals and work to extend the capabilities of your team to accomplish your overall objectives. Your success is our greatest reward.

Megan M. Shroy, pres.; Sarah Ann Harris, mng. dir.

Approach in the news with O'Dwyer's:

Riding the Alts M&A Wave

Tue., Aug. 8, 2023

...specific areas where they possess unique expertise or can provide perspective on emerging trends. Approach ed thoughtfully, thought leadership campaigns can help asset managers stake out their authority in the...

Polling is Not Just for Politics

Tue., Jul. 25, 2023

...are valuable and help drive both internal and external tactical executions for your campaign discussion. Approach the infusion of polling data into your PR operations like you’d approach using a...

Serbia Hands $720K Pact to Karv Comms.

Mon., Jul. 24, 2023

...represents clients in Poland, Ukraine and the Balkans. Bardos penned the article “Washington’s Fundamentally Flawed Approach to the Balkans” that ran in the June 21 National Interest. Karv, which says it...

On the Move: Kickstarter Names Warren VP of Brand Marketing, Kria Head of Comms

Wed., Apr. 19, 2023 help revitalize the brand here at Kickstarter,” said Kickstarter CEO Everette Taylor. Molly Morter, Jennifer Dingman Approach names Molly Morter head of strategic growth and Jennifer Dingman head of digital. Morter...

Accounts in Transit: CIIC PR Picks Up Stadaconé Gin Maker

Tue., Nov. 16, 2021

...what’s possible with real-time graphics,” said Zero Density co-founder and vice president of R&D Kuban Altan. Approach Marketing is selected to handle public relations and communications efforts for staffing services company...

Overcoming the Net Zero Carbon Communications Gap

Wed., Nov. 10, 2021

...a lot of work to be done before our climate targets are within reach. Approach ing net zero is an especially daunting task for the four-fifths of businesses that haven't...

In Crises, Health Sector Clients Need to Act

Tue., Oct. 6, 2020

...confusion, they must also better educate subscribers so they understand their options for care. Approach es like these that increase affordability and access will help the millions of Americans who’ve...

On the Move: Finn Partners Adds Véronique Simon-Cluzel as VP-Health

Wed., May 13, 2020

...communicator will aid the firm in its “dedicated mission to improve people’s health.” Sarah Ann Harris Approach Marketing is adding five senior leaders to its executive team. Sarah Ann Harris, previously...

SEO 2020 – Zero Clicks, Long Tails, Featured Snippets, and Six Tips

Thu., Jan. 23, 2020

...such as an April Fool’s special event. Model for the latter are fast food marketers. Approach keywords in a different way. The keyword game keeps getting new rules. Yes, it...

Preparing Clients for Their Turn in Global Warming Spotlight

Wed., Oct. 30, 2019

...mean in practice? Communicators are adept at playing the journalist and probing with difficult questions.  Approach your leaders with the challenging questions they will shortly be expected to answer about...

When Social Media Fails, Where Will You Turn?

Thu., Mar. 28, 2019 shouldn’t be the only channel you use to stay in contact with them. Approach ing marketing from an integrated approach should always be top of mind. When building a...

People on the Move: Marino Names President, Lambert Appoints Directors

Fri., Oct. 19, 2018

...BBC News, NPR, HuffPostLive and SiriusXM. Olson was formerly a public relations consultant at Approach Marketing and has held executive positions at Golin and Zócalo Group, representing such brands...

Media Coverage: Are You Paying or Praying?

Fri., Aug. 31, 2018

...a target. Pick up the phone and have a conversation. Read what they’re writing. Approach them with unique and interesting angles. Take the time to meet for drinks. To...

Webby (Internet) Awards Adds PR Category

Thu., Apr. 6, 2017

...Bud Light Dive Tour (Wieden + Kennedy New York), and Qantas Out of Office Travelogue (The Monkeys). Collaborative Approach Seen “As more traditional media companies have introduced in-house content studios and capabilities to better...

Understanding Global Influence in Healthcare PR

Tue., Jun. 7, 2016 informed decision on whether the designated influencer would be a strong candidate for engagement. Approach engagement as a partnership Identifying potential influencers is the first step in the engagement process....

Blog: Volkswagen Chief Has Got to Go

Tue., Sep. 22, 2015 Volkswagen's lofty environmental goals. On its website, Volkswagen touts its "Think Blue. Engineering." Approach to manufacturing. A Volkswagen is built in "such a way that it can be manufactured,...

National Peanut Board Cracks Open MarComm RFP

Tue., Mar. 31, 2015

...said Bob Parker, NPB CEO. The board is working with William Watson of The Fresh Approach to handle proposals. Selections are slated for mid-July with the new campaign launching in November. Watson...

'Conscious Consumers' Call for Thoughtful Food PR Approach

Tue., Mar. 3, 2015 assessing brands and their relationship to food source, the environment  and safety. A Genuine Approach Authenticity is also important. Citing a Boston Consulting Group study, the firms note that a...

How Analytics Can Help Brands Become Publishers

Tue., Nov. 18, 2014

...the actual content level. At WCG, we use what call the Branded Scoring Content Approach where we score each piece of content that gets published online on a 1-100...

O'Dwyer Rebuts 35-Count PRSA Indictment

Tue., Apr. 15, 2014

...Board of Directors to PRSA leadership.) (Source: Excerpt from PRSA media policy, available at 10. Approach ed PRSA leaders to advocate your personal opinions and beliefs toward PRSA. a) In the article...

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