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Lyceus Group LLC

Lyceus Group LLC

1420 Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA 98101


[email protected]

Lyceus Group specializes in public relations and digital marketing in the following areas: Activist investing, compliance, ETFs, financial services, hedge funds, fund administration, fund distribution, investing, mutual funds, private equity, credit, research/advocacy, real estate, regtech, wealth management, technology, and cryptocurrency.

Founded: 2016.

Agency Statement:

We propel our clients to the national stage and help them shape the conversation. By amplifying our clientsí investment philosophy to appropriate stakeholders and media gatekeepers, we ensure their messages reach national and international scale, increasing their visibility to potential investors. Composed of former reporters, columnists, and asset management marketers, the team at Lyceus comes armed with the tools required to craft, navigate, and amplify any financial brandís message. We execute these initiatives through a mix of media relations, media training, crisis/issue management, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Tucker Slosburg, pres.

Austin Office: 111 Congress Ave., #500, Austin, TX 78701

Clients Include:

Centerstone Investors
Coast Capital
F/m Investments
JB Capital Management
Parallelle Finance
Smead Capital Management
Strategy Capital
The RBB Fund Inc.

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