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GConsulting Group (GCG)

GConsulting Group (GCG)

New York, NY 10512


[email protected]
Twitter: @GaryGrates
LinkedIn: GaryFGrates
Business transformation; corporate communications; M&A; crisis mitigation; CEO transition; strategy implementation; corporate relevance; corporate initiatives development and execution; corporate positioning and employee communications/engagement.

Employees: 10. Founded: 2022.

Agency Statement:

GConsulting Group is a consultancy and advisory firm specializing in C-Suite strategic communications aimed at driving relevance and sustained growth. Founded by noted professional Gary F. Grates, the firm is involved in Business Transformation, Corporate Communications, M&A, Crisis Mitigation, CEO Transition, Strategy Implementation, Corporate Relevance, Corporate Initiatives Development and Execution, Corporate Positioning, Employee Communications and Engagement.

The firm works in healthcare, automotive, consumer, manufacturing, transportation, financial, and technology sectors employing data and analytics to identify key insights for action.

The firm boasts experience in working with Fortune 500 organizations with a strong background in innovative approaches and models to solving business challenges.

Gary F. Grates, principal/managing partner

GConsulting Group (GCG) in the news with O'Dwyer's:

Why Aren't More PR Pros on Boards?

Mon., Mar. 20, 2023 doing in a modern corporation.  *** Gary F. Grates is Principal and Managing Director of GConsulting Group , a global consulting and advisory firm in the areas of business transformation/change, corporate communications,...

How Employee Loyalty Can Return to Business

Thu., Feb. 16, 2023

...back in vogue. And not a minute too soon! *** Gary F. Grates is principal at GConsulting Group , a consulting and advisory firm specializing in business transformation, corporate communications, crisis mitigation, corporate...

2023: What Are You Chasing?

Mon., Dec. 5, 2022

...the entire company around one thing: Winning!”-- Anonymous *** Gary F. Grates is President and CEO, at GConsulting Group (GCG) a communications consultancy and advisory firm specializing in business transformation, corporate relevance, employee...

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