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Lee Andrews Group Ranked PR firm

Lee Andrews Group

700 South Flower St., #1275, Los Angeles, CA 90017


[email protected]


Employees: 35. Founded: 1993.

Agency Statement:

Lee Andrews Group ( is a leading full-service communications, outreach, media and marketing agency that provides extensive public engagement and input to ensure buy in and move projects forward. Lee Andrews Group is an expert in communications in underutilized, disadvantaged and Spanish speaking communities with a bilingual staff for outreach and multicultural marketing with a focus on increasing brand awareness to grow and retain customers.

Stephanie Graves, CEO

Clients Include:

Aviation Facilities Co.
California Air Resources Board
California Community Foundation
City of Los Angeles
City of Santa Monica
County of Los Angeles
Jeff Greene Development
Los Angeles Community College District
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles World Airports
Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
Orion Capital
Panattoni Development
Public Storage
Southern California Air Quality Management District

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