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Sowa Marketing Agency

Sowa Marketing Agency

10 Dorrance St., #700, Providence, RI 02903


[email protected]

Employees: 5. Founded: 2020.

Agency Statement:

Sowa Marketing Agency is a renowned Public Relations firm with a focus on media relations, featured by eminent publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine. We have a thriving team of seasoned publicists who collaborate with brands to procure impactful media coverage. Our objective at Sowa Marketing Agency is to revolutionize traditional business models. Our goal is to infuse your organization with top-tier, bespoke PR expertise and ensure concrete results that yield tangible returns on investment for your enterprise.

Aidan Sowa, CEO; Ben Lechter, media exec.

Clients Include:

Ascend Ecom
Brandon Bone
Caroline Dinsmore
David Morgan
Dean Abbott
Entanglement Foundation
Michael Oz
Ricki Manahan
Rony Marootian
Taylor Siratt

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