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Evins Communications

Evins Communications

830 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022


[email protected]

Employees: 25. Founded: 1987.

Agency Statement:

At Evins, we know that when it comes to public relations, if it doesn't produce results, it's meaningless. For over 35 years, we have made a consequential contribution to the business success of our clients, creating strategic PR campaigns that drive conversation, build communities and deliver results. Our approach is rooted in the ethos of hospitality; embracing and engaging audiences with inspiring, personal, and purposeful content and media that transform brand engagements into compelling experiences.

The agency encompasses three practice areas: Travel & Hospitality, Lifestyle, and Food, Wine & Spirits. Evins recently acquired Teuwen Communications, named a Top 10 Wine and Spirits PR Agency in the US by Meininger's Wine Business International, which brings added specialist capabilities, expertise and knowledge that compliments the Agency's Food, Wine & Spirits practice. Teuwen, an Evins Communications Company, will continue to operate independently under the leadership of Stephanie Teuwen. Together, Evins and Teuwen share a commitment to enduring client partnerships, several in excess of three decades and with an average tenure of more than eight years, nearly three times the industry average.

Mathew L. Evins, chmn.; Louise R. Evins, CEO; Jacqueline Long, COO & CCO; David Harrison, exec. VP; Michelle Kelly, VP

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