Public Relations Networks

    O'Dwyer's database is where communicators shop online for the companies that supply the PR industry with products and services. Listed below are key PR networks.

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International PR Assn., IPRA, Suite 5879, P.O. Box 6945, London W1A 6US, U.K.. 44 1634 818308.

International Public Relations Network. 34 629 507 253. Luis Gonzalez, Managing Dir.

IPREX. Carla Walker.

Lippe Taylor, 215 Park Ave South, 16th flr., New York, NY 10003. 212/598-4400.; Nick Taylor, Innovation Officer.

PR World Alliance
PR World Alliance, c/o Marcommit, Amalialaan 126E, 3743 KJ, Baarn, The Netherlands. Marianne van Barneveld, chairman (The Netherlands),; +31 (653) 372 153; Henry Feintuch, CFO (U.S.),; +1 212-808-4901; Christian Josephi, board (Germany),; +49 (711) 6647597-0; Catherine Kablé, board (France),; +33 (1) 44 50 54 75; Anna Krajewska, board (Poland),; +48 (22) 826 74 18.

PR World Alliance is an international network of premier independent communication consultancies. Partners are carefully selected and represent established, respected and accomplished firms with a solid reputation for producing superior results for clients.

The global network encompasses public relations companies and offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The network continues to seek new members in strategic locations.

PROI Worldwide.;

Public Relations Boutiques Int'l.

Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)
Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), (The Fearey Group), The Tower Building, 1809 7th Ave., #1212, Seattle, WA 98101. 206/343-1543.; Aaron Blank, president.

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) is a connected network of 50 hand-selected public relations firms servicing key markets around the world. With revenues of more than $87 million, PRGN is one of the world’s five largest international public relations networks. As leaders in our respective regions, PRGN agencies offer the “boots-on-the-ground” savvy of a local PR agency, yet on a global scale. Our model allows us to deliver a unique level of flexibility – scaling up or down across multiple markets to meet your business needs. Each PR agency knows its local community and it knows how to help clients connect with their audiences in those regions. PRGN member agencies harness the resources of more than 1,000 communications professionals serving a total of 1,800 international companies and organizations.

Please engage with PRGN on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, visit or contact Aaron Blank at +1 (206) 343-1543.

Aaron Blank, president
Robert Bauer, president-elect
Gabor Jelinek, executive dir.

Worldcom Public Relations Group, 500 Fifth Ave., #1640, New York, NY 10110. 800/955-9675; 212/286-9550.; Todd M. Lynch, Managing Dir.