Public Service Announcement Services

    O'Dwyer's database is where communicators shop online for the companies that supply the PR industry with products and services. Listed below are companies specializing in the production and distribution of public service announcements.

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4media Group
4media Group. 888-890-8066.;

4media group is an integrated communications company that specializes in the broadcast and digital space. We work with nonprofit organizations of all sizes to write, produce and distribute television and radio Public Service Announcements in English and Spanish. We can also assist your organization with related services such as:

•Satellite Media Tours (SMTs), Internet Media Tours (IMTs) and
•Radio Media Tours (RMTs) in English and/or Spanish
•Media relations
•Media buying: TV, radio, web, OOH
•Video production
•Animation, motion graphics and infographics
•Video News Releases (VNRs) and Soundbite & B-roll packages
•Radio News Releases (RNRs)
•Native Advertising and Content Recommendation
•Influencer Marketing
•Webcasting and Virtual Events
•Surveys, market research and focus groups

MediaEngagement LLC
MediaEngagement LLC, Hackensack, NJ 07601. 917/658-9932.; Robin DeAngelis.

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Megaphone Media, 26 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014. 646/452-8404. Kyle Carmone.

North American Network
North American Network, 5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, #440, Washington, DC 20015. 202/243-0592.; Tom Sweeney, President; Tammy Lemley, Vice President.

Radio is America’s most-trusted medium: It’s intimate, convenient, flexible, and an excellent way to connect with audiences. We can help you reach specific demographics and markets—including in Spanish. And, we’re able to quickly and easily customize your outreach—utilizing such techniques as one-on-one interviews, pre-recorded news soundbites, and produced features/PSAs. We’ve helped countless companies, organizations, government agencies, and PR firms make their campaigns radio-friendly—ensuring that their messages are heard.

Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.
Strauss Media Strategies, Inc., 529 14th St., N.W., #1163, Nat'l Press Bldg., Washington, DC 20045. 202/638-0200.; Richard Strauss, President.

262 West 38th St., Suite 803, New York, NY 10018
Richard Strauss, President

Los Angeles, CA;
Richard Strauss, President

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TV Access, division of FilmComm. 800/944-9134. Keith Hempel, Pres.