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Satellite Media Tour Companies

    O'Dwyer's database is where communicators shop online for the companies that supply the PR industry with products and services. Consult the companies below for help with satellite media tours, a broadcast PR tactic using back-to-back interviews over a set time interval.

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4media group
4media group. 888-890-8066. [email protected];

As global integrated media experts, 4media group offers forward-thinking Intelligence, Content, Communications, and Digital services that deliver measurable results for our clients. By exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for our clients every day, we strive to be the most trusted communications agency partner.

We cut our teeth in the broadcast world, where our belief in classic broadcast tactics like satellite and radio media tours quickly turned our small agency into an internationally recognized full-service communications firm. 4media group believes in broadcast because of our unique makeup. We are journalists, producers and directors, PR professionals and marketers, and all of us, at one point or another, have watched broadcast work wonders.

The Nielsen data is clear: 88% of Americans are watching TV each week. Your brand’s newsworthy story angle is best told through your spokesperson. Let 4media group help you find your angle, prepare talking points, optimize filming conditions and book a schedule of interviews that gets your message the media attention that it earns. Whether via a virtual, in-studio or remote broadcast media tour, 4media group can help your spokespeople engage with your community in just the right place at just the right time.

4media group also offers: radio media tours, surveys/market research, full media relations services, public service announcements, media buying, creative video production, podcast production, social media management and influencer marketing.

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A-1 Broadcast
A-1 Broadcast, 2030 Powers Ferry Rd., Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30339. 770/790-3690. [email protected]; Beverly Brunston, President.

A-1 Broadcast was formed by a former Television News Director. A-1 Broadcast’s staff has over 100 years of major market TV and Public Relations broadcast experience, which translates into successful projects and results for our clients. A-1 Broadcast works with PR Agencies and Fortune 500 companies for their Broadcast PR needs such as Satellite Media Tours, Radio Media Tours, Virtual Media Tours and Brand Integration.

Artisan Production House
Artisan Production House, 110 East 25th St., Floor 2, New York, NY 10010. 347/351-4804. [email protected]; [email protected]; Erin Lahey Schwitter, Producer/Partner; Kara Leibowitz, Producer/Partner.

Artisan Production House is a full-service production house specializing in book publicity as well as food & lifestyle publicity. We create content that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged. Our innate understanding of story relevance, along with our personal relationships with TV producers and media influencers throughout the country, gets your story heard. We’ll help you deliver your messages seamlessly and with style utilizing our high-end production capabilities (including film-style shooters and professional graphic designers and animators). Artisan’s in-studio & on-location satellite junkets include quality bookings that are actually seen, spot-on custom craft services and a fresh, modern design aesthetic. Additional services include radio media tours, stunning branded content food videos, original book promotional videos and select matchmaking between celebrity talent and brands.

Our clients include Food Network/Discovery+, Penguin Random House, The Wonderful Company, Le Creuset of America and commodity boards ranging from the National Onion Association to Grapes from California.

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D S Simon Media
D S Simon Media, 229 West 36th St., 9th flr., New York, NY 10018.

E: [email protected]
T: 212-736-2727

D S Simon Media helps clients get their stories on television, through satellite media tours and by producing and distributing video content to the media. Our clients include top brands in healthcare, travel, consumer goods, entertainment, technology, retail as well as leading non-profits and organizations delivering public affairs, CSR and DE&I messages. While it’s harder than ever to get your story on cable or network news, there’s a greater opportunity to get your experts and spokespeople on local news via satellite media tours. The power of local TV news is sometimes overlooked, however, according to Pew Research Center, local TV has a larger audience than either cable or network TV. A satellite media tour allows you to establish your experts as leaders in the subject and create awareness for your brand or product through personalized messaging.

Our media tours include 25-30+ bookings and a 40 million audience guarantee.

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KEF Media
KEF Media, 1161 Concord Rd. SE, Smyrna, GA 30080. 404/605-0009. [email protected]; [email protected]; Kevin Foley, Yvonne Hanak, Linda Buckley.

KEF Media is the go-to broadcast media partner for many of the world’s most notable brands. With customized plans, honest counsel, unrivaled client service and strong results, KEF Media continues to adapt its offerings to serve clients’ ever-evolving needs.


•Earned and Guaranteed Media Options
•Satellite, Internet and Radio Tours (Virtual, Studio or Remote)
•Customized Media Days/Junkets
•B-Roll & Sound Bites
•Co-op Alternatives
•Audio News Releases
•Matte Releases

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Moldow Communications LLC. 201/519-3075. [email protected]; Jim Moldow, President.

Murray Hill Studios, 248 East 35th St., New York, NY 10016. 212/889-4200. [email protected]; Contact: Jahaneen Johnsen.

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Newman Group Inc., The, 220 E. 63rd St., New York, NY 10065. 212/838-8371. [email protected]; Richard Newman, Pres.

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Pitching Monkeys Media
Pitching Monkeys Media, Waldwick, NJ 07643. 201/214-9611. [email protected]; Mark Ganguzza, President.

•Media Consultants - Planning / Strategizing
•Satellite Media Tours (SMT) - Studio / Virtual / On-Location
•Radio Media Tours (RMT)
•Media Training
•Podcasts - Stand-alone
•Audio News Releases (ANR)
•Public Service Announcements (PSA) - TV / Radio
•B-Roll and Video Production
•Full Production Services
•In-Studio Interviews
•English, Spanish and more

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Press Record Communications
Press Record Communications, 301 E. 73rd St., New York, NY 10021. 516/578-8623. [email protected]; Justin Goldstein.

Press Record Communications has over a decade of experience booking and managing logistics for earned broadcast media outreach to television, radio and podcast outlets, including via satellite and radio media tours. We have helped clients like book authors, public affairs and awareness organizations, politicians, celebrities, and nonprofits to secure television and radio coverage that makes an impact and generates engagement across their owned channels. We do so by understanding broadcast media that they want to target and why. Then, we develop a strategic plan for delivering results, rather than taking a spray and pray approach.

Here’s how we stand out from the competition:

• We only focus on earned media outreach to ensure that we’re developing quality interview opportunities. You will only allocate budget for the work needed to generate media interest, and not to pay for opportunities that you could have coordinated on your own.
• We have actually worked at communications firms, so we understand the need to achieve metrics that move the needle for our clients. We won’t just rely on an outlet’s audience reach and number of opportunities secured to prove our worth.
• Rather than be passed off to a junior-level account executive, you will be working with a senior-level strategist who will serve as your point of contact and conduct media outreach.
• We will not be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to our contacts to generate media interest.

Additional Services Include:

• Podcast production
• B-Roll development
• Audio News Release distribution
• Broadcast media training

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Prime Time Media
Prime Time Media, Studios in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, London. 310/559-0445; 310/709-1109. [email protected]; Neisha Cohen, Founder/Owner.

Prime Time Media is one of the most trusted organizations in the industry. With our 28 years in the business, we excel at media relations, media distribution, and all forms of broadcast and digital communications. We create strategies and solutions to help brands, agencies, all sectors of entertainment, publishing, sports, health, beauty, lifestyle that garners mass media impressions.

As producers at the highest rated network morning and late-night programs, we know how producers think and what they want.

•Virtual Internet Tours
•Satellite Media Tours
•Digital Media Tours
•Radio Tours
•Satellite Feeds
•In-Studio Media Placement

Along with longstanding relationships with decision-makers in all media we position you for success. We coordinate every project with detail, professionalism, diligence, and creativity. We get you the best media placement for your message and within your budget. Plus, we target and get the largest audience and amass the most media impressions for you. That’s our job.


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Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.
Strauss Media Strategies, Inc., 529 14th St., N.W., #1163, Nat'l Press Bldg., Washington, DC 20045. 202/638-0200. [email protected];

New York, NY - [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA - [email protected]

Richard Strauss, President

Proudly celebrating our 27th anniversary in 2023, Strauss Media Strategies, Inc., is the nation's premier public relations, communications, and strategy firm specializing in television and radio, on-air and online. Not just another “crank it out booking service,” Strauss Media Strategies works closely with its clients to develop campaign-specific strategies and tactics that get quality results. We make the booking process easy for you with a focus on quality and results.

Collectively, our staff brings more than 270 years of broadcast experience and judgment to our clients, delivering tens of thousands of interviews throughout our company history with a strong commitment to quality.

Strauss Media specializes in booking television satellite media tours with local stations, national broadcast and cable networks, network feeder services, syndicated programs and high-visibility digital platforms. We expertly manage every aspect of your SMT including the booking of all interviews, studio rental and equipment, satellite uplink, make-up and catering services, and all other technical and production needs to make your SMT the most successful it can be.

During COVID, our teams were able to pivot and delivered SMTs remotely with the spokespersons conducting the interviews from the safety and security of their homes. We have continued to provide similar flexibility as needed, to compliment the return to in-studio and on-location tours.

We specialize in booking radio tours with national news networks, nationally syndicated shows, statewide, regional, and local radio outlets in each of the nation's nearly 300 radio markets. Strauss Media also conducts radio and television ground tours, either coordinating in-person interviews on-location or in-studio.

We also specialize in booking digital media and podcast tours.

Moreover, we script, produce, and distribute targeted audio news releases to the nation's largest radio networks with the best "guaranteed-placement" in the industry. In addition, Strauss Media provides:

•Audio Actuality Pitching and Placement Systems
•Radio Promotions
•Public Service Announcements
•Audio and Video Podcasts
•Print, Digital, and Radio Paid Advertising Production and Placement
•Live Remote Broadcasts
•Customized Broadcast E-mailing to Radio & TV Stations and Shows.
•Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks
•Broadcast Media Training

We routinely work with political groups such as the DNC, advocacy groups like the Sierra Club; award-winning PR firms like BCW, Edelman, Porter Novelli, MSLGroup, Hager Sharp, and Weber Shandwick; non-profit clients; government agencies like HRSA and the US Census Bureau; associations; large-scale events such as the major auto shows; major companies like Uber, Facebook, and General Motors; and we have worked on hundreds of local, state and federal political campaigns. The company is also proud to be on the official GSA Schedule.

When your campaign calls for television and radio, Strauss Media Strategies delivers the absolute best results in the industry. You'll enjoy working with our friendly staff of experienced public relations media professionals. Contact us today to discuss a customized solution for your next broadcast outreach campaign!

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