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Geoffrey Weill is President of New York-based agency WEILL.

Stories by Geoffrey Weill

    Travel Communications Realities After the Pandemic (Travel PR)

    Tue., Jul. 13, 2021

    Geoffrey WeillThe travel and hospitality industry is set for a monumental rebound. Now that travel is coming back; however, PR pros must educate clients to the fact that business will return to a new normal.

    How Does a Grand Hotel Stay Grand During a Pandemic? (Travel PR)

    Tue., Jul. 21, 2020

    Geoffrey WeillA look at how some five- and six-star hotels have found remedies and solutions to staying open amid the obstacles presented by COVID-19. (1 reader comment)

    Has the Digital Revolution Really Changed Travel PR? (Travel PR)

    Tue., Jun. 19, 2018

    Geoffrey WeillPR pros working in the world of travel have adapted to publishing’s digital revolution, but many clients remain skeptical of digital media’s efficacy in bringing them business and continue to treat print as priority number-one, adding an additional obstacle to the challenges communicators face in the course of ensuring a client’s contentment and enhancing their bottom line. (1 reader comment)