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Jamie Kightley is head of client services at IBA International.

Stories by Jamie Kightley

    Humanizing Smart Tech in the PR 5.0 Era (Artificial intelligence)

    Mon., Nov. 6, 2023

    Jamie KightleyAI has revolutionized the ways in which we create content and can be used by PR and marketing pros to minimize monotonous tasks, but as with all new technologies, it’s easy to forget that the creative driving force behind them is always people. Now, hyper-personalization will only improve AI’s future use in the PR and marketing world, as it harnesses the most powerful weapon in the PR toolkit: the human touch.

    PR and Marcom, Post-Pandemic (Marketing Communications)

    Mon., Jun. 14, 2021

    Jamie KnightleyGood communications has been critical for companies during COVID-19. As we move into a post-pandemic world, here’s what PR and marketing professionals can do to keep those newfound seats at the table.

    Measure of PR Success Goes Beyond the Numbers (PR Measurement & Analytics)

    Wed., Mar. 31, 2021

    Jamie KightleyMeasuring the success of an effective PR campaign isn’t just essential for marketing managers, but valuable for other departments within an organization as well. Here are three insightful PR metrics needed to easily track PR campaign success.