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Richard Dukas is the founder and CEO of Dukas Linden Public Relations (DLPR).

Stories by Richard Dukas

    How Not To Chase Ambulances
    (Crisis Communications)

    Tue., Apr. 16, 2024

    Richard DukasThere’s a fine line between newsjacking and taking advantage, aka ambulance chasing. Our job as PR professionals is to tread it carefully.

    Congratulations!—Great Job. Now on to the Next Challenge.
    (PR Commentary)

    Mon., Dec. 27, 2021

    Dukas LindenHow do managers and leaders inspire and excite our teams while also forecasting what may be some real obstacles ahead—whether it's economic volatility, labor shortages, the seemingly never-ending pandemic, the highest inflation in 20 years, or a lack of trust in our elected officials and institutions?