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Seth Linden is president of Dukas Linden Public Relations (DLPR).

Stories by Seth Linden

    Another Benefit of Zoom: Media Coaching
    (PR Commentary)

    Thu., Aug. 11, 2022

    Seth LindenThe explosion of remote meetings brought on by the pandemic has revolutionized the coaching process, and virtual coaching is here to stay.

    How the CDC Can Get on Message About COVID
    (PR Commentary)

    Fri., Jan. 14, 2022

    Seth LindenAfter two years, one might think the CDC's explanation of what Americans should do next about Omicron would be clearer and more succinct. Not quite. Here's how the CDC can get on track with its pandemic communications.

    Congratulations!—Great Job. Now on to the Next Challenge.
    (PR Commentary)

    Mon., Dec. 27, 2021

    Dukas LindenHow do managers and leaders inspire and excite our teams while also forecasting what may be some real obstacles ahead—whether it's economic volatility, labor shortages, the seemingly never-ending pandemic, the highest inflation in 20 years, or a lack of trust in our elected officials and institutions?