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Ken Jacobs, PCC, CPC, is the principal of Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching, which empowers PR and communications leaders and executives to breakthrough results via executive coaching, and helps communications agencies achieve their business development, profitability, and client service goals, via consulting and training. Please find him at, [email protected] @KensViews, or on LinkedIn.

Stories by Ken Jacobs

    Overcoming Analysis By Paralysis

    Wed., Apr. 17, 2024

    Fiona HuttonFiona Hutton, founder and CEO at Fiona Hutton & Associates, shares her insights as a female entrepreneur on how to overcome analysis by paralysis and how "Type A” executives can be effective leaders on the most recent Taking The Lead video podcast.

    Leading Your Teams, Even Virtual Ones, To Success

    Mon., Mar. 11, 2024

    Ken JacobsDavid Barkoe, founder and CEO of Carve Communications, says it’s possible to effectively lead teams, even virtual ones, through any challenge.

    DEI Is Price of Doing Business in '24

    Thu., Feb. 22, 2024

    Ken JacobsExecuting DEI is not just a nice to do for agencies today, but a critical need for their business success, according to Ben Finzel, president of RENEWPR and founding partner at the Change Agencies. 

    Leading On a Global Scale

    Mon., Feb. 12, 2024

    Ken JacobsIn this Taking The Lead segment, Dan Nestle, who’s been leading communications globally for nearly a decade, invites viewers to think about approaching leadership at a universal level. 

    How Leaders Can Approach Artificial Intelligence
    (Artificial intelligence)

    Fri., Jan. 19, 2024

    Ken Jacobs & Curtis SparrerArtificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm, especially in the communications space. Despite its many benefits, some leaders have shared concerns about how it might affect their roles as leaders.

    Leading Through Uncertainty

    Tue., Dec. 12, 2023

    Trish NicolasIn latest episode of Taking the Lead video interview, Ruder Finn's Trish Nicolas shares lessons learned for internal communicators, including leading through uncertainty, what to do when you stumble, and how to lead in this era of employee disengagement.

    From Imposter Syndrome to Inspiring Leadership

    Tue., Nov. 7, 2023

    Valarie De La GarzaOn Taking the Lead video podcast, Valarie De La Garza, CEO of Fenton, openly discusses how she battled imposter syndrome and societal expectations during a 100-day interim CEO role, ultimately gaining the confidence to thrive in the job.

    Laughter Drives Effective Leadership

    Mon., Oct. 16, 2023

    ROI of LOL bookPeppercomm leader Steve Cody, stand-up comic and chief comedy officer Clayton Fletcher, co-authors of "The ROI of LOL," say that humor and laughter are essential in the workplace and can drive effective leadership.

    Leaders Err, That's How They Learn

    Thu., Sep. 21, 2023

    Anne GreenOn the newest Taking the Lead video podcast, Anne Green, the CEO-Elect of G&S Business Communications, openly discusses a mistake she made during CooperKatz’s acquisition by G&S in 2018.

    When Your Father's a Preacher and Your Last Name Is Pray

    Mon., Aug. 21, 2023

    Andy PrayPraytell founder and CEO Andy Pray has leaned on the leadership tenets of his father, a pastor, to grow his Brooklyn DUMBO agency.

    Leap of Faith Into PR
    (Career Advice)

    Thu., Jul. 13, 2023

    Jonathan RosenJonathan Rosen freely admits he and partner Valerie Berlin weren't really thinking they were starting a PR firm back in 2005 when they formed BerlinRosen.

    Maher Advises Women to 'Lean In'
    (Career Advice)

    Mon., Jun. 12, 2023

    Marina Maher"Grab every opportunity that's presented to you. When people see that you're open to opportunities, they'll offer you more," says Marina Maher, agency founder and chair of MMC and founder of OPRG's Institute for Women's Leadership.

    Dream Big, But Be Realistic
    (Career Advice)

    Thu., May 18, 2023

    Olita Mills"Be impractical about what you can achieve and practical about how you get there," says Olita Mills, president of PR agency LaFORCE. Growing up, Mills learned from her father to dream big, but be realistic about the path. She credits this mantra for her career success.

    Live Your Values as a Leader

    Fri., Apr. 14, 2023

    Greg MondsheinGreg Mondshein, co-founder and managing partner at communications agency SourceCode, insists it's less about what leaders say, and all about what they do, especially when it comes to values.

    PR Pros Must 'Just Say the Hard Thing'
    (Career Advice)

    Mon., Mar. 6, 2023

    Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should KnowPR agency owner Melissa Vela-Williamson insists in her new book, Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should Know, that PR pros offer ethical, straight forward counsel to avoid mistakes and confusion with clients.