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Last Updated: Thu., Oct. 6, 2022 @ 4:50 pm

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Better-For-You Snacks and PR

Fri, Jun. 3, 2022

By Dara Busch

Dara BuschSeveral tried and true strategies for doing successful food public relations to promote a healthy snack brand.

Perfecting the Partnership

Thu, Mar. 31, 2022

By Jackie Peskin

Jackie PeskinSeveral factors to consider when evaluating your next strategic brand partnership.

Communicating Effectively in an Uncertain Environment

Mon, Mar. 21, 2022

By Clay Crumbliss

Clay CrumblissHow to communicate honestly and effectively with stakeholders as market volatility and disruptive food and beverage consumption patterns have put significant pressure on consumers’ wallets as well as customers’ bottom lines.


Rebuilding Trust Through Food

Thu, Mar. 17, 2022

By Heidi Hovland

Heidi HovlandTrust in the food and beverage sector remains below levels we saw before the pandemic. Here’s what the industry can do to win back trust and become effective drivers of positive change.

A Decade of Dietary Insights

Mon, Mar. 14, 2022

By Louise Pollock

Louise PollockA look back at some of the shifts that have taken place in the food marketing landscape over the past decade, as well as a look ahead with forecasts of future innovations highlighting what food marketers can expect in the next decade.

Communicating Health Benefits to Consumers

Tue, Mar. 8, 2022

By Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey CarnettVitamins and supplements experienced a massive uptick in growth and popularity during the pandemic, introducing new opportunities and new customer segments for marketing professionals to target.

How Food Brands Will Connect with Customers in '22

Tue, Jan. 4, 2022

By Steve Barnes

Study from Pollock Communications and Today’s DietitianTo connect with consumers in 2022, food brands need to emphasize immunity, affordability and comfort, according to a new study from Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian.

COVID-19 Impacts Food News

Fri, Dec. 17, 2021

By Steve Barnes

HunterThe influence of food-related news on consumers is on the rise in a COVID-impacted marketplace, according to a new study from Hunter.

The New Food Policy Frontier

Wed, Mar. 24, 2021

By Sarah Levy and Laurie Hainley

Sarah Levy & Laurie Hainley How the Biden administration’s nutrition and public health policies will present business challenges and opportunities in the COVID-19 era.

COVID-19 and the Paradox of 'Fulfillment'

Mon, Mar. 22, 2021

By Kristen Ingraham

Kristen IngrahamWhy navigating America’s new food system has arisen to become one of the most unexpected lessons for brands in our pandemic year.

How COVID Changed Consumer Food Experiences

Thu, Mar. 18, 2021

By Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey CarnettFood brands have learned to adapt and survive as the COVID-19 pandemic leaves the traditional dining experience in uncertain territory.

A Trust Mindset for Brand Sustainability and Growth

Mon, Mar. 15, 2021

By Michael Fineman

Michael FinemanThe COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the food and beverage industry will be felt for years to come. Here’s why cultivating trust to meet consumer expectations will be what drives our clients forward.