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Last Updated: Mon., Nov. 28, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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ImageShield Scouts for PR Pro

Thu, Jul. 21, 2022

By Kevin McCauley

ImageShieldImageShield, which guards against online image abuse, is looking for a communications pro to handle its PR and marketing campaigns.

Himler Remembers Zarem

Mon, Sep. 27, 2021

By Peter Himler

Peter HimlerPeter Himler, founder of Flatiron Communications, remembers his first boss, Bobby Zarem.

Media Relations Unfazed By Pandemic

Thu, Sep. 9, 2021

By Jon Gingerich

pitchesDespite the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact on newsrooms, PR and communications professionals generally don’t believe that earning media coverage has gotten any more difficult in the last year, according to a recent report.

David Finn Celebrates 100th Birthday

Tue, Aug. 31, 2021

By Kevin McCauley

David FinnKathy Bloomgarden (Ruder Finn CEO), Peter Finn (Finn Partners CEO) and Amy Binder (RF|Binder CEO) provide their thoughts about their father, David Finn, the PR legend who turned 100 on Aug. 30.


Gordon Joins Southern Poverty Law Center

Mon, Aug. 30, 2021

By Steve Barnes

Tia GordonThe Southern Poverty Law Center has appointed Tia Gordon chief communications officer. She had been CCO and head of advocacy for the UN Women organization.

The Death of Nuance

Thu, Jun. 4, 2020

By John Berard

John BerardThere are many hard lessons for the PR business coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating effects on employment and the economy, but with the death of George Floyd under the boot of a police officer and the public reaction to it, there is even more for us to know.

Trump Broke All Rules of Publicity With St. John's Stunt

Wed, Jun. 3, 2020

By Tom Goodman

Tom GoodmanThere is little doubt that President Trump’s June 1 publicity stunt at St. John’s Church will go down in the PR record books as one of the most ill-advised, dangerous and troubling moments in modern presidential history.

News of Firms: PAN Publishes COVID-19 Crisis Guide

Thu, Apr. 2, 2020

By Steve Barnes

PANPAN Communications has put together a reference guide with advice on how marketing and PR professionals can navigate the hurdles of the COVID-19 world... Ben Long, founder and CEO of Travaille Executive Search, has died. His firm placed PR and communications people in the DC area... William Mills Agency commissioned a survey by the Harris Poll to find out what effect social distancing was having on consumers’ use of digital banking and digital payments.

Celebration of Harold Burson

Mon, Mar. 2, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Harold Burson"While I was expecting to see a dashing Hans Solo PR type walk through my door, in walked Yoda instead," said Jack Potter, former US postmaster general, in recalling the first time that he met the diminutive and soft-spoken Harold Burson.

MWWPR Likes Ike

Tue, Feb. 4, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

EisenhowerThe Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission has hired MWWPR to promote and handle media outreach for the memorial honoring the nation's 34th president that will be dedicated in Washington on May 8, the 75th anniversary of V-E Day.

Losing That 2020 Vision Trope

Tue, Jan. 28, 2020

By Jack Hughes

Jack HughesCountless companies and organizations have used the year 2020 as a thematic anchor for their strategic plans. Yet, with 2020 now upon us, that popular optical allusion will soon no longer be available to global management and marketing teams. Here are some ideas for replacing it.

My Day With Harold Burson

Tue, Jan. 14, 2020

By Kevin Foley

Kevin FoleyIn 1983, I was an account supervisor in Burson-Marsteller’s Los Angeles office and learned one afternoon that Harold Burson would be visiting the next day. I took him to meet a particularly difficult client with a tough story to tell.

Review of PR World 2019

Thu, Dec. 26, 2019

By Kevin McCauley

Anna Maria DeSalva2019 was a year jammed with wall-to-wall breaking news, making it harder for PR firms to chalk up placements for clients. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights covered by O’Dwyer’s in 2019.

5W Reps Art Basel's Banana Eater

Mon, Dec. 9, 2019

By Kevin McCauley

David Datunna5W Public Relations is handling New York performance artist David Datuna, who gained global fame Dec. 7 for removing the $120K banana that was duct-taped to a wall at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami and eating it.

MSL Alum Smith to Pilot Invariant's PR Push

Fri, Oct. 18, 2019

By Steve Barnes

Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith, who was global client and business development officer at MSL, has landed at Invariant to spearhead the government affairs/PA shop's push into strategic communications.