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Bylaw Change Calls for 'Non-Partisan' PRSA

Wed, Jun. 27, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Mary Beth WestPRSA fellows Mary Beth West and Susan Hart call for PRSA to operate as a non-partisan organization. They say Society should not be perceived as 'organization representing a particular group of political ideology like-mindedness.' (2 reader comments)

More PRSA Bylaw Amendments Introduced

Mon, Jun. 25, 2018

By Steve Barnes

PRSAProviding PRSA with a non-voting ethics officer on its national board, eliminating the role of the national board in officer nominations and adding a voting ethics representative are goals of bylaw amendments introduced by PRSA fellows Susan Hart and Mary Beth West.

PRSA Members Target Ethics Reforms

Thu, Jun. 21, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Susan HartTwo long-standing PRSA members have introduced what they say is the first in a series of five bylaw amendments that call for reforms in the organization’s ethics, governance, organizational transparency and nonpartisanship. (2 reader comments)

Capozzi Challenges PR to ‘Touch One More Life’

Thu, May 10, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Lou CapozzoIn accepting PRSA Foundation’s 2018 Paladin Award last night, former MSL Group chairman Lou Capozzi challenged the audience to “touch one more life, mentor one more kid.”

Questions for Ray Kotcher, PRSA Board 'Counsel'

Thu, Oct. 19, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Ray KotcherWe have questions for Ketchum’s Ray Kotcher, permanent “senior counsel” to PRSA’s board and another indication of Omnicom/Ketchum’s influence on the Society.

Jay Baer Touts Word-of-Mouth PR to PRSA

Fri, Oct. 13, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Jay BaerJay Baer, who touts the importance of customer service, told PRSA Oct. 10 that word-of-mouth is the key to business success.

PRSA Members Blocked Board Attempt to Gut Assembly

Tue, Oct. 10, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

PRSA ICON 2017Opposition by PRSA members stopped bylaw proposals that would have increased board power to amend bylaws and which would have eliminated district representation on the board.

PRSA Flops on Ethics Code’s Info Promise Says Ex-Director

Mon, Oct. 9, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

PRSA ICON 2017Removal of PRSA board minutes from the Society’s website “flies in the face of multiple Code provisions” calling for the “free flow of information,” former board member Mary Beth West said in an email to the board.

PRSA Board Power Grab Stopped by Ex-Board Member

Sun, Oct. 8, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Mary Beth WestMember opposition yesterday stopped PRSA bylaw proposals that would have greatly increased board power to amend bylaws and which would have eliminated district representation on the board.

Radiation Perils Should Be Told to PRSA Conference

Fri, Oct. 6, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

WiFiThe dangers of microwave radiation from cellphones, cell towers, and routers in offices should be on the program of the PRSA national conference starting tomorrow. But it isn’t.

Brit PR Group Says Media Relations is Key Duty

Thu, Oct. 5, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Francis InghamThe PR industry needs “advocates who can communicate with the media and general public,” said Francis Ingham, director general, PR Consultants Assn., London. (1 reader comment)

Confusion Over What 'PR' Is Undercuts PR Education

Mon, Oct. 2, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

PRSAThe proposal to substitute “communications” for “PR” in most places in the PRSA bylaws at the Oct. 8 Assembly is a blow not only to PR but to PR and communications courses offered by colleges.

'Communications' May Replace 'PR' at PRSA

Thu, Sep. 28, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

PRSAPRSA bylaw proposal 1702, changing “PR” to “communications” in “most locations,” has touched off a furious debate on the Society’s website. (2 reader comments)

PRSA Nominates Peterson of Embattled CenturyLink

Wed, Aug. 2, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Debra PetersonDebra Peterson, PR head of CenturyLink, which faces fraud charges from eight states that could cost it up to $12 billion, has been nominated as chair-elect of PRSA for 2018. (2 reader comments)

CenturyLink’s Poor Image Is a Problem for PRSA and PR

Mon, Jul. 24, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Consumer Affairs CenturyLink Satisfaction RatingThe expected nomination of CenturyLink’s Debra Peterson as chair-elect of PRSA Saturday will focus attention of its 21,000 members and others on abuses of her employer and the other telecoms.