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PR Writer’s Code of Conduct, The Time Has Come

Tue, Jul. 2, 2019

By Don Bates

Don BatesEvery profession needs codes of conduct to help ensure the credible performance of its members. The public relations profession has several codes aimed at building and sustaining positive behavior but none of them addresses how practitioners must write for PR and related business purposes.

Surviving in the 'Age of Disinformation'

Fri, Apr. 13, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Richard EdelmanThere's a battle for truth, in which people no longer share common facts and are unable to have a rational debate, Richard Edelman said during his speech at USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism on April 12.

Page Center Honors Bill George, John Onoda, Gwen Ifill

Fri, Jan. 5, 2018

By Jack O'Dwyer

The Page CenterThe Arthur W. Page Center is honoring Bill George, senior fellow, Harvard Business School and former CEO of Medtronic; John Onoda, consultant for Gagen MacDonald, and posthumously PBS NewsHour host Gwen Ifill.

Trump Brand is a Loser

Wed, Nov. 15, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Trump hatFor the sake of the reeling Trump Organization, Donald Trump’s presidency can’t end soon enough. It needs the boss back in the corporate saddle.

Bell Pottinger Appeals Sanctions

Fri, Sep. 1, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Bell PottingerBell Pottinger appealed the ruling by Britain's ethics watchdog that its controversial campaign that stirred up racial tensions in South Africa violated its PR code of conduct.

Tylenol Murders, J&J's "Spin City," Has Birthday Today

Mon, Sep. 29, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

johnson & johnsonToday is the 32nd anniversary of the seven Tylenol murders, a crime buried in a whirlwind of lies that made a hero out of the company that bore heavy responsibility for the murders -- Johnson & Johnson.