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Last Updated: Fri., Mar. 1, 2024 @ 5:35 pm

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Zelensky Profiled as PR, Propaganda Master

Wed, Feb. 21, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

ShowmanTime correspondent Simon Shuster’s “The Showman” demonstrates how Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s masterful knowledge of PR tactics and the power of propaganda transformed him from comedian into a respected world leader.

Zelensky’s Ex-Press Secretary Writes Book

Wed, Apr. 6, 2022

By Kevin McCauley

Iuliia MendelIuliia Mendel, who served as press secretary for Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky from 2019 to 2021, will release a book called “The Fight Of Our Lives” in September, published by Simon & Schuster’s One Signal Publishers.

Dilenscheider Updates PR Handbook

Wed, Jan. 26, 2022

By Steve Barnes

PRHandbookRobert Dilenschneider, former CEO of Hill and Knowlton, is releasing the fifth edition of The Public Relations Handbook on Feb. 15.

Welcome to the Age of 'Frictionless Marketing'

Fri, Jul. 2, 2021

By Steve Barnes

Friction Fatigue by Lippe Taylor CEO Paul DyerBig Advertising may be down for the count, but the power of marketing lives on. That’s the big takeaway from Paul Dyer’s “Friction Fatigue,” a look at what advertising’s downward spiral means for “future-focused brands."

‘False Light’ Shines Light on Gotcha Journalism

Thu, Feb. 4, 2021

By John O'Dwyer

False Light“If Mark David Chapman had social media, he wouldn’t have shot John Lennon—he would have tweeted about him.” That’s a quote from Sandy Petty (aka “Fuse"), the protagonist of Eric Dezenhall’s latest work of fiction, “False Light”.

Novelli Shows Way To Do 'Good Business'

Fri, Jan. 29, 2021

By Steve Barnes

Bill NovelliThere’s probably no one more qualified to talk about how properly executed messaging can make a difference in the world than Bill Novelli, who has just written “Good Business: The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World.”

Dershowitz Offers 'Guilt by Association' as Defense

Tue, Dec. 3, 2019

By Jane Genova

DershowitzLawyer Alan Dershowitz publishes 'Guilt by Association: The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo' to push back against charges of sexual misconduct lodged by Virginia Giuffre.

Must Read For Fundraisers, PR Pros

Mon, Jul. 22, 2019

By Rene Henry

Advancing Higher Education - New Strategies for Fundraising, Philanthropy and EngagementThe principles and strategies discussed in “Advancing Higher Education – New Strategies for Fundraising, Philanthropy and Engagement,” are transferable to fundraising and to PR and marketing support in almost any area.

PR Pro Bill Doescher Shares Lessons Learned

Fri, Mar. 15, 2019

By Steve Barnes

Bill DoescherPR pro Bill Doescher writes "Dear Folks" book to share lessons learned from his personal life and distinguished career (Dun & Bradstreet CCO, PRSA Foundation president) in communications.

Taylor Tells All About Sports and Event PR

Fri, Jul. 27, 2018

By Steve Barnes

Perfect PairTaylor founder Alan Taylor's new book tells the story of how he helped start sports and event PR, and of the athletes he met along the way.

David Duke's Rise As Alt-Right Symbol

Tue, Apr. 24, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

In The Shadow of Statues book by Mitch LandrieuIn his new book, "In the Shadow of Statues," New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu sees parallels between the rise of ex-Klansman David Duke in Louisiana politics during the 1990s and Donald Trump.

Advertising Forged Success of Bayer’s Heroin Remedy

Thu, Nov. 9, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

end of AdvertisingHeroin, which was marketed in 23 countries by Germany's Bayer, was considered extremely respectable. “Much of that respectability was the result of its sober advertising,” wrote Andrew Essex, ex-CEO of creative ad agency powerhouse Droga5, in his new book, "The End of Advertising."

Black PR Pioneer Ofield Dukes Remembered

Thu, Oct. 26, 2017

By Steve Barnes

Ofield bookOfield Dukes, who broke through barriers erected against African-Americans via his political and PR work, is remembered in a book released by PRMuseum Press.

PR Crisis Manager Needs 'Court Vision'

Tue, Jun. 27, 2017

By Steve Barnes

Chief Crisis Officer by James F. HaggertyAn effective PR crisis manager is like a good basketball point guard who knows the playbook and is blessed with "court vision," writes James Haggerty in his new book, Chief Crisis Officer.

Beware of Special Interests on the Supply Side

Mon, Apr. 10, 2017

By Joe Honick

Inside Job by Mark A. ZupanDr. Mark Zupan’s book, “Inside Job: How Government Insiders Subvert the Public Interest,” analyzes the negative effect of monopolization of power on the supply side of policymaking both in the U.S. and abroad.

Finnigan Dishes on Time at Fleishman

Wed, Apr. 5, 2017

By John O'Dwyer

Feisty: Chronicles & Confession of an Old PR WarhorseIn his new book, “Feisty: Chronicles & Confession of an Old PR Warhorse,” former Fleishman-Hillard principle Joe Finnigan gives an up-close look at life at the firm from the 1960s until the sale to Omnicom in 1997.

Sports Writing Launched Rene Henry PR Career

Tue, Jan. 3, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Rene HenryRene Henry, who covered sports for UPI while still in high school, later taking sports PR posts at two colleges, has recounted his journey through 21 places of employment from 1953 to the present.