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Workers Fault Their Company's Internal Comms

Fri, Feb. 17, 2023

By Steve Barnes

axiosMost company leaders feel that they’re doing a good job when it comes to internal comms, according to communications management platform Axios HQ. Employees, however, aren’t quite so sure.

Understanding Election Emotions Through AI

Tue, Nov. 3, 2020

By Ann Barlow

Ann BarlowThe November presidential election could set into motion a period of uncertainty, social unrest and panic, which includes disruption in many workplaces. Here are a few steps business leaders can take to avoid an employee election meltdown.

Lifting the Veil on PR Agency Salaries and Profits

Thu, Oct. 15, 2020

By Fred Bateman

Fred BatemanWithout financial transparency about both salaries and profits, there will always be a degree of suspicion as to where all the profits go, as well as resentment from the staff for the strict code of secrecy about agency finances in general.

WPP Lures Wal-Martís People Person

Wed, Feb. 27, 2019

By Kevin McCauley

Jacqui CanneyWPP’s Mark Read has hired Jacqui Canney, executive VP-chief people officer at Wal-Mart Inc., to oversee talent management, leadership development, rewards and recruiting activities of the ad/PR combine.

U.S. Companies Ignore Internal Communications

Tue, Aug. 28, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

TeaserA recent report suggests that many North American companies treat internal communications functions as a distant priority when compared to their external efforts.

Internal Strategies to Restore Employee Trust

Mon, May 14, 2018

By Sandi Sonnenfeld

Sandi SonnenfeldBuilding trust within an organization and keeping employees engaged begins with effective, regular communication from the C-suite all the way down to anyone in a management function.

Employee Retention Top Priority for Business in í18

Wed, May 2, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

Worldcom Public Relations GroupAttracting, retaining and energizing employees was cited as a vital ingredient for global companies’ success in 2018, according to a Worldcom Public Relations Group survey of C-Level executives.

Diversity Lacking at CMO Level

Mon, Apr. 2, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

Association of National Advertisers

A report from the Association of National Advertisers found that people of color account for only 13 percent of professionals in top marketing roles across the trade group’s member organizations.

Career Stage Determines What Motivates Employees

Thu, Nov. 9, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

Padilla survey on employee engagementA research report commissioned by Padilla suggests that where an employee finds him/herself in the course of their career may be a far more accurate indicator in determining what engages them at the job, as opposed to age or even title.

W2O Embarks on Executive Development Offering

Tue, Oct. 25, 2016

By Jon Gingerich

W20W2O Group has launched a new executive development service titled Connect, which aims to improve executives’ communications and leadership capabilities.

The Decline of the Editorial Calendar

Wed, Sep. 7, 2016

By Jon Schubin

Jon Schubin Like many other once-popular resources in the industry, the prevalence of the editorial calendar has sadly fallen out of favor in PR.

Scott Named President of Gagen MacDonald

Wed, Jan. 13, 2016

By Editorial Staff

sherry scottChicago's Gagen MacDonald has elevated Sherry Scott to president to take the reins from Maril Gagen MacDonald, who remains founder and CEO of the 18-year-old firm.