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Managing Your PR During Corporate Retrenchment

Fri, Jun. 29, 2018

By Jane Genova

Jane GenovaThere is nothing new about top executives losing their jobs during a corporate merger or restructuring. What is new is that now this is happening more frequently.

PR Firms Grapple with Work/Life Balance

Thu, Jul. 6, 2017

By Dennis Spring

Dennis SpringThe work/life balance trend is a serious consideration that isn't going away anytime soon. In fact, compensation has taken a back seat in the minds of many in favor of liberal benefits and perks packages. (3 reader comments)

Makovsky's Take on Job Satisfaction

Fri, Mar. 10, 2017

By Editorial Staff

Ken MakovskyKen Makovsky has observed that employees at his firm consistently rank salary second in importance to a challenging work environment and appealing company culture.