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Last Updated: Tue., Jul. 17, 2018 @ 4:40 pm

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Kavanaugh’s Credibility Problem

Thu, Jul. 12, 2018

By Kevin Foley

Kevin FoleyWomen’s reproductive rights are in jeopardy with a SCOTUS pick who believes presidents are above the law. (1 reader comment)

Honoring the Significance of July 4th

Wed, Jul. 4, 2018

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderAs we celebrate July 4th with fireworks, parades and family reunions, take a moment in these challenging times to reflect on the significance of the day, since how we handle the months ahead will define the long-term future so important to our nation. (5 reader comments)

Trade Debate is Party Politics in Action

Mon, Jun. 4, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichThe debate surrounding Trump’s tariffs plan has revealed ideological confusion in many liberal circles, with some detractors now delivering knee-jerk criticisms of Trump’s plan that sound a lot like arguments made by free-market Republicans for years. (1 reader comment)

Trump Style Infecting Entire White House

Mon, May 14, 2018

By Bill Huey

Bill HueyThe latest dustup over a tasteless comment about John McCain from a communications aide shows that it's not only Donald Trump who is unmoored from typical norms of presidential decency and decorum.

Why the Gun Debate is Different this Time

Fri, Mar. 2, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

NRAThe private sector’s response in the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting has made it clear that America’s gun debate has shifted, providing a counterbalance to the inaction in Washington that has hindered any progress on this issue for years. Will this new response narrative convince Congress to follow the free market’s lead? (1 reader comment)

Has Breitbart’s Influence Waned with Bannon’s Ouster?

Mon, Feb. 26, 2018

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianFormer White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s exit from Breitbart News suggests that the political commentary site’s trajectory isn’t what it was this time last year. (5 reader comments)

Trump's Clueless Slap at Libel Laws

Wed, Jan. 10, 2018

By Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauleyDonald Trump launched a salvo at the press today, promising to “take a strong look” at the nation’s libel laws, which he called "a sham." Fake News!!! (7 reader comments)

Oprah's Electrifying Speech—Where Does It Take Us From Here?

Tue, Jan. 9, 2018

By Bill Huey

Bill HueyHow is Oprah’s speech, which was made before some of the world's most successful women, going to empower women who are trying to get their first job, or hold on to a lousy, minimum-wage job so they can put food on the table? (1 reader comment)

Is Trump Driving a Print News Comeback?

Thu, Jan. 4, 2018

By Jon Gingerich

TrumpDonald Trump has enlivened the headlines and continued to produce gold for the cable news networks, but his spell on the press also now seems to have resurrected the public’s interest in print media as well.

Happy Holidays

Fri, Dec. 22, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderWe have a lot to be grateful for this Holiday Season—a booming economy, serious job opportunities for many, a positive horizon and much more. (2 reader comments)

A Non-Neutral Internet: What it Means (and What it Doesn’t)

Fri, Dec. 15, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

Ajit PaiAn attempt to clarify several popular misconceptions currently being bandied about over the Internet in the 24 hours since the Federal Communications Commission’s controversial decision to repeal Net Neutrality rules for Internet access providers. (2 reader comments)

There is Much to be Thankful For

Wed, Nov. 22, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderAmerica has faced many challenges over the past twelve months, both natural and man-made. But there is much to be thankful for as we come together to celebrate each other and our communities. (2 reader comments)

Honoring Our Veterans

Fri, Nov. 10, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderOn Saturday, November 11, we observe Veterans Day to honor the men and women who stand in harm's way so that we at home can live full, safe lives. (2 reader comments)

Turkey Hits Tipping Point

Mon, Nov. 6, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderWhile everyone is focused on North Korea and China, current developments in Turkey all point to an escalation of serious proportions. (1 reader comment)

Pro-Trump Press Scramble to Set Narrative Amid Mueller Probe

Wed, Nov. 1, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

Trump MuellerTrump’s allies in the media have fallen lock-step behind the White House’s PR efforts to both distance the President from the recent charges in Mueller’s Russia investigation while simultaneously casting the developments as no big deal.

Hostile EPA Press Office Disrespects American Public

Wed, Oct. 25, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

EPA logoThe EPA press shop has adopted adminstrator Scott Pruitt’s confrontational approach, dropping its traditional “fishbowl” or transparency policy advocated by its first administrator Bill Ruckelshaus.

Sen. Flake's Tone-Deaf Farewell

Wed, Oct. 25, 2017

By Tom Madden

Jeff FlakeSenator Jeff Flake’s grand farewell from the floor of the Senate made me think it would be better if politicians were a tad tone deaf. (1 reader comment)

A Bridge Too Far Will Burn Before We Get There

Tue, Sep. 5, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

Donald Trump & Mitch McConnellEver since Trump began his campaign for President, the question has always been: how many bridges will be burned until Republicans decide that enough is enough? (3 reader comments)

Labor Day '17: There is Much to be Grateful For

Thu, Aug. 31, 2017

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderAs Labor Day approaches, please remember the men, women and children of South Texas, especially Houston, who are going through a terrible time and need all the support the rest of America can offer.

Whitewashing History

Mon, Aug. 28, 2017

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur Solomon Several examples of how media organizations, institutions of higher learning, politicians and the public play a part in the whitewashing of American history, preventing diverse opinions from being expressed in the public square. (2 reader comments)

White Supremacists Score PR Win in Virginia

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017

By Joe Honick

Joe HonickNational Policy Institute's Richard Spencer, former Ku Klux Klaner David Duke and a collection of racist thugs got everything they could have asked for in the chaos of Charlottesville this weekend. (7 reader comments)