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Last Updated: Fri., Feb. 23, 2024 @ 6:00 pm

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Enjoy the Holiday Season

Thu, Dec. 7, 2023

By Robert Dilenschneider

Bob DilenschneiderAt a moment in history when there are so many conflicts among peoples here and abroad, let us put our differences aside and celebrate this wonderful season in a spirit of togetherness.

Uncle Walter and Henry the K: A Hero and a Villain

Thu, Nov. 30, 2023

By Bill Huey

Bill HueyThe news announcing the death of Henry Kissinger, the last of the prevaricating politicians and so-called statesmen who stole my future and that of thousands of other young Americans, got me thinking about Walter Cronkite.

Some Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Wed, Nov. 22, 2023

By Robert Dilenschneider

Bob DilenschneiderThe world today is full of conflicts, some of them violent and deadly. Fortunately, the United States, while it has taken sides in many cases, is not yet directly engaged in any of the fighting. That is all the more reason to celebrate Thanksgiving 2023 for the blessings that we have and enjoy.

Honor Those Who Stepped Forward

Fri, Nov. 10, 2023

By Robert Dilenschneider

Bob DilenschneiderLet us pause on Veterans Day 2023 to reflect on the many millions of men and women who for nearly two and half centuries have answered the call to defend our nation— and who continue to do so now.

Biden Faces Marketing Conundrum

Tue, Nov. 7, 2023

By Kevin Foley

Kevin FoleyTo win next November, Team Biden must get out of its comfort zone and begin to think of creative ways to attract voters in those swing states.


Celebrating the American Worker's Productivity

Sat, Sep. 2, 2023

By Robert Dilenschneider

Robert DilenschneiderAmericans have continued to be the most resourceful, resilient and enterprising people on Earth. It is an achievement which this—and every—Labor Day celebrates.

The Tired Trend of the 'Anti-Woke' Brand

Wed, Jul. 5, 2023

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichCelebrities, brands and media personalities are now cashing in on the recent public backlash to "wokeness," which has become the latest—and dumbest—development this year in our ongoing culture wars.

Maintain Love of Country and Move Forward

Fri, May 26, 2023

By Robert Dilenschneider

Bob DilenschneiderThis Memorial Day comes at a challenging time in our history. Social and political conflicts continue to divide us. But we Americans have faced and overcome domestic conflicts before, and so as long as we maintain our love of Country and determination to move forward, we'll get through the current difficulties too.

GOP Should Back Away From Trump in 2024

Wed, Jul. 6, 2022

By Jon Gingerich

TrumpTrump has allegedly told his inner circle he’s considering officially announcing his second run for the White House as early as this month. Here’s why it would be a bad idea for the GOP to get behind him.


Roe Repeal Will Galvanize Voters in November

Thu, May 5, 2022

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichA potential overturn of Roe v. Wade has set the stage for a new political battlefield that will play out at both the ballot box and in consumers’ buying decisions.


Final Curtain for Putin's Propaganda Machine

Mon, Mar. 7, 2022

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichWith Russia shunned by the entire world and public opinion of the Ukraine invasion bottoming out domestically, it’s clear that the wheels are coming off the Kremlin’s misinformation machine.


Facebookís Problems Arenít Going Away

Thu, Nov. 4, 2021

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichFacebook’s latest public relations crisis could signal a turning point regarding how digital media companies monitor user-generated content, and may also usher in a new era of government-mandated social media regulations as well.


GOPís PR Hurdle: Americans Like Biden

Thu, Jul. 1, 2021

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichIf the Republican Party wants to regain a foothold in either chamber of Congress next year—let alone reclaim the White House in 2024—it needs to build a case for why the Biden Administration’s policies aren’t working. So far, all they’ve done is derail Biden’s entire legislative agenda, just like they derailed Obama’s.


Problems for the Performatively Woke Brand

Wed, May 5, 2021

By Jon Gingerich

Jon GingerichSome consumers are beginning to recognize corporate America’s forays into weighty political and social issues as tone-deaf opportunism.


Five Takeaways from Psaki's First Day

Fri, Jan. 22, 2021

By David Ball

David A. BallJen Psaki earned the confidence of journalists and viewers around the globe during her first White House press briefing.