Prime Policy

Prime Policy Group is working with the American Immigration Council as it seeks a bipartisan legislation alternative to President Trump’s decision to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration status, which covers nearly 800,000 people, in March.

Beth Werlin, executive director of the Council, said the White House’s move on DACA ignores “our American identity of being a nation of immigrants” and fails “to embrace the energy, innovation and opportunities that immigrants bring to our country.”

The Council is pushing for a “clear and permanent path forward” for the Dreamers. “We must not squander the potential of this generation of young people who will write the next great chapter of American history,” said Werlin in a recent statement.

PPG, which is part of Burson-Marsteller, also reps the Council on the “temporary protected status program,” which provides immigration status to people living in countries that experienced armed conflict and environmental disasters.

Trump this month ended TPS for 200,000 people from El Salvador.

The Council criticized Trump’s move as a “tragic decision” for people “who have lived here, paid taxes and registered with the government for nearly 20 years.”

PPG Chairman Charlie Black, former aide to Ronald Reagan/George Bush I and Republican National Committee spokesperson, leads his firm's five-member lobbying team.