Scott WidmeyerScott Widmeyer

Finn Partners managing partner Scott Widmeyer has been named chief strategy officer of the global independent agency’s D.C. office in a bid to bolster that outpost’s ongoing growth.

Widmeyer, who formerly led press secretary duties for former WV Governor (and later Senator) Jay Rockefeller as well as Walter Mondale’s Presidential 1984 bid, founded Washington-based Widmeyer Communications in 1987, where he served as chairman and CEO. The firm was acquired by Finn Partners in 2013, whereupon Widmeyer was named managing partner.

Finn Partners’ Washington outpost is now the agency’s number-two operation after its New York headquarters, counting about 65 employees and accounting for approximately $15 million in annual fees.

The firm’s D.C. office specializes in public affairs, education, professional services, government agencies, digital marketing/creative services, and qualitative/quantitative research.