TImes Up

SKDKnickerbocker is working with the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund to represent victims of sexual misconduct, including assault, harassment and abuse.

With 42West and Sunshine Sachs, SKDKnick is coordinating communications for the Time’s Up umbrella organization that kicked off Jan 1. via a “Dear Sisters” letter.

Signed by 300 women working in film, TV and theater, the letter expressed solidarity with women farmworkers “who have been preyed upon, harassed and exploited by those who abuse their power and threaten our physical and economic security.”

Housed in the National Women’s Law Center, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund serves women in lower-wage jobs who lack the legal resources needed to obtain justice.

SKDKnick, according to a memo, is looking for PR partners to serve as designated agencies to be assigned cases from the Fund.

Participating firms would handle projects, “mostly on a reduced fee basis.”

A procedure will be in place to avoid potential conflicts and firms could decline any case that comes their way.

SKDKnick believes a roster of PR firms in big and small markets is critical to the success of the Legal Fund as the “seismic shift in our culture reverberates as more and more women from all walks of life speak up.”