Southern Transitional Council

Grassroots Political Consulting has a $180K one-year pact to represent the Southern Transitional Council of war-torn Yemen. The contract went into effect Jan. 1.

The Washington-based firm is to provide political and strategic advice to the STC on how to achieve its goal of declaring an independent state comprised of the southern part of Yemen.

A coalition of Arab nations entered Yemen in 2015 to wage war on Houthis rebels, who control the north, including the capital, Sana.

The conflict has killed and wounded more than 60K people, while millions of others have suffered from famine and cholera.

Coalition members Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are now split over the future of Yemen, according to a report in Aljazeera on Jan. 22.

The Saudis, who support Yemen’s government, now “want out,” while the UAE is backing the STC and has become more involved in the war.

Aljazeera reports STC’s ultimate goal is to overthrow Yemen’s government.