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Sard Verbinnen & Co. snagged the top spot in four main categories of Mergermarket’s global overview of PR advisors on mergers and acquisitions deals for 2017.

With a global deal count of 248, SVC topped second-place FTI Consulting by 48 deals. Brunswick Group come in No. 3 with 190 deals, while and Finsbury Hering Schuppener and Kekst, tied for fourth place with 165.

In terms of value, SVC once again took first place globally ($386 billion), followed by Brunswick Group ($346 billion), Finsbury Hering Schuppener ($308 billion), Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher ($297 billion) and Kekst ($241 billion).

Mergermarket League Tables - PR Advisors

The numbers for the U.S. were in line with the global figures. SVC ranked first in total deals (221) and value ($353 billion). Joele Frank came in second in both categories, with 151 deals and $293 billion in value. Other top firms were Finsbury (#5 in deals, #3 in value), Kekst (#3 in deals, #4 in value), Abernathy MacGregor Group (#4 in deals, #7 in value) and Brunswick Group (#7 in deals, #5 in value).

The data for the PR firm rankings measured deals with a value of over $5 million, or deals with an undisclosed value where the target’s turnover exceeds $10 million. If the deal is for a stake of less than 30%, the value must be greater than $100 million.

Mergermarket, an Acuris company, employs correspondents across 67 locations worldwide to assemble a database of information about the M&A market.