United States of Climate Change

Hats off to The Weather Channel for the launch of its “United States of Climate Change” effort to report on the impacts of global warming on a state-by-state basis.

The campaign comes as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt vows to replace Obama carbon regulations and open up the debate in 2018 on climate change.

TWC though operates in the real world, not the Big Oil fantasy land of Pruitt. It sees no reason to debate the science of climate change. That matter has been settled. Or as TWC notes on its site, THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE.” About 97 percent of climate scientists agree change is happening. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued reports this month showing that 2017 ranked as either the second or third warmest year on record.

Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, TWC is going to let images tell the story of climate change.

“We’re going to tell a story for every state in the nation,” said a statement from TWC. “We’re going to talk to people. We’re going to take pictures and shoot video and report. We’re going to investigate.”

TWC will report how individuals, communities and businesses are responding to changes happening across the American landscape. Kevin Hayes, executive editor of TWC, worries that the US is unwilling to invest in “mitigating the effects of climate change to the degree that future safety and stability requires.”

The US of Climate Change project is a partnership with Center for Public Integrity, InsideClimateNews, The Marshall Project, Food & Environment Reporting Network, The Lens and other media and non-profits.

Let’s hope Pruitt spends some time visiting the US of Climate Change site before he dives into his 2018 priority of junking Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which was the former president’s climate change regulation centerpiece.

Or better yet, let’s pray that members of what Vice has called one the “most anti-science Congresses in history” check out the TWC site to view how their unwillingness to accept scientific facts is impacting their home districts.