LB International Solutions

LB International Solutions has inked a $12,500-per-month contract with Syrian-British businessman Ayman Asfari to support education for refugees and civil society in the Middle East.

Asfari, who heads Petrofac Ltd. oil services provider, launched the Asfari Foundation in 2006 to provide scholarships for students in the Middle East, especially from Syria. It also backs fellowships for journalists. LB represents Asfari, not his foundation.

Asfari told Forbes in 2016 that Syria’s future “depends on moving from an imposed order of government to a sustained order, which can only be achieved by a flourishing and robust civil society.”

Lydia Borland, president of LB, has more than 30 years of government relations experience. She has consulted for the Gephardt Group and Livingston Group and worked as lobbyist for Turkey’s DC embassy.

Borland will advise, advocate and set up meetings on behalf of Asfari and work Capitol Hill.

LB’s contract runs through April 30.