Ben Cushaman
Ben Cushman

Ben Cushman, who was deputy director of the Treasury Dept. focused on south and southeast Asia, has joined MetLife as VP-international government relations.

Based in DC, he will advocate on behalf of MetLife's businesses in Asia and report to Susan Greenwell, senior VP-international government relations.

MetLife sells life and accident insurance policies in 20 cities in China though a joint venture with Shanghai Alliance, a state-owned entity. It runs a fully owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, plus businesses in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Cushman, who speaks Mandarin Chinese, joined Treasury in 2005 and handled its dealings with China as the lead on financial services negotiations.

He did a five-year stint in Singapore as financial attaché for southeast Asia handling issues regarding taxes, financial crimes, development and regulation.

Prior to joining the government, Cushman worked in the Atlanta area for the International Rescue Committee helping to find jobs for newly arrived refugees and as teacher trainer for the Peace Corps in Namibia.