South Korean Government

Levick will represent South Korea’s Ministry for Trade and Energy as it works to promote the benefits of the US Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Serving as subcontractor to K&L Gates law firm, the Washington-based strategic communications shop will educate Americans on the benefits of the trade deal.

Using social media, media outreach, events, and meetings with policy influencers, Levick is expected to pitch Korea as a developed country that invests in the US economy fairly, employs US workers and contributes to American consumers.

Though Levick is still hammering out details of its work, it decided to register with the Justice Dept. “in an abundance of caution.”

President Trump on Feb. 13 called the 2012 trade agreement with Korea “a disaster.” He promised to either renegotiate a “fair deal” or junk it.

US and Korean envoys began re-working the trade pact last July.