Fox Nation

Fox News is planning a stand-alone subscription streaming service aimed at what the network refers to as its “superfans.” To be called Fox Nation, the service, which is expected to launch later this year, would feature commentary from a conservative point of view.

Fox News senior vice president of development and production John Finley told the New York Times that Fox Nation is meant to appeal to “the folks who watch Fox News every night for hours at a time, the dedicated audience that really wants more of what we have to offer.”

The service would not duplicate any Fox News content, since that would be a violation of contractual agreements it has with cable operators who carry the channel. It would also not primarily rely on Fox News personalities, instead offering up a slate of new anchors and commentators.

The move comes as many cable channels shift their focus toward streaming services. ESPN is set to launch its subscription service, ESPN Plus, this spring. HBO and Cinemax say they pulled in about five million digital subscribers last year, and according to CBS there have been five million subscriptions to its CBS and Showtime streaming services. CBS says it also plans to add CBS Sports HQ and a service based on the “Entertainment Tonight” brand to its digital offerings.