"Trump will stun the political world by announcing he is running for re-election in 2020," Matt Drudge breathlessly reported today. A stunner? A scoop? C'mon.

The New York real estate marketer never stopped running for president.

Other than sending endless barrages of tweets to deny any collusion (e.g., Democratic "Witch Hunt" UNFAIR! SESSIONS SHOULD INVESTIGATE. MAGA) with Russian meddlers, running for president is what Donald Trump does best.

Drudge Report

The president relives the 2016 campaign, which he claims to have won by a huge margin, every step of the way. It's as if he still doesn't believe that he pulled it off.

Trump is at his best when firing up the base in campaign-style rallies staged before his most die-hard supporters. Trump rewards the crowd by tossing them chunks of "Crooked Hillary" red meat, which sends them into a tizzy and chants of "Lock her up."

For a guy who constantly needs to be reminded of his own "greatness" (See Apple's very clever Muhammad Ali "I am the greatest" selfie TV commercial), the rallies are a huge boost for The Don's ego.

The media today gave major play to Drudge's stunner and news that Trump will use digital guru Brad Parscale as 2020 campaign manager. Guess Vladimir Putin's digital team wants to keep a much lower profile in the next presidential race.

The media seem to have forgotten that Trump filed for re-election on his Inauguration Day, and has been busy holding fund-raisers.

The tweeter-in-chief raised more than $40M in 2017 for his re-election. He's the first president since Jimmy Carter to hold a fund-raiser before entering the third year of a term in office.

Look for The Don to step up the campaign rallies. He will designate the White House 2020 campaign headquarters; drape it in red, white and blue and fire up those Chinese factories to churn out MAGA hats and tee shirts.

Trump was never interested in running the government on a day-to-day basis. That's a tedious task.

The president not only thrives, but also needs the adulation of his supporters. That's achieved on the campaign trail, not in the White House thrashing out the issues with Chuck and Nancy. How boring!

Play the Trump Again in 2020. A catchy theme, don't you think?